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The Class of 1969

Do you remember these handsome gentlemen?
Some of them may be here for the 40th Reunion of the Class of '69.

Shouldn't you be here (especially if you're in this picture)?

Here's a little contest to get you into the Reunion Spirit.

Send us a note (Name the Guys Contest) with the name of each of these esteemed grads and we'll have a small prize for you when arrive for the reunion.

Regardless of whether you can identify this group (maybe your memory's just not that good, we are getting older!; or you were too busy with the Marywood girls to have spent much time with your classmates) please take a look at the links on this page. There's a terrific party planned for your reunion and it won't be complete without you.

Be sure to take a few minutes to browse the new on-line yearbooks, ours as well as other years. I know you probably can't find yours so here's an easy way to access the same material. I'm warning you though; it may resurrect a lot of old memories (and hopefully motivate you to make it to this reunion).

We'd also like to hear from you (My Ideas for the Reunion). Send us pictures, stories about the class, places you want to visit while you're here, activities you'd like us to include, etc. It's your party, tell us what's important to you. With your permission we'll post some of them here.