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Class of 2001

This page is intended to foster communication among the wonderful people who spent time at the University of Scranton around the turn of the millenium! Whether we individually cared most about the hotwing hoagies, the sponsored events at the Woodlands, our friends from our freshman dorms, "late-night," 9:30 Mass, or the basketball games, we all collectively agree that "The U" was a special place.

Much has changed since our days on the Commons. Gunster is gone and has been replaced with grass and a huge new student center. The largest building on campus is under construction: Condron Hall, a dorm behind Gavigan. Fr. McShane is no longer president, and some of our favorite professors have moved on.

But some things will always remain the same. There is still always a party to go to in the Hill. People are friendly. There are not many sunny days, but that makes them more special. Professors care about the students, and the students' lives are a nice mix of fun and work.

Hopefully we can use this forum to share memories, reignite relationships, and plan get-togethers.

To contact the manager of this page, please email scranton2001@gmail.com. Suggestions for this site are always welcome!

Official class reunions are held every five years in Scranton.

Were you at the 5-YEAR REUNION in 2006?
Want to share or see PICTURES?
To share pictures from the Reunion, your days at Scranton, or recent alumni get-togethers, use the SHUTTERFLY account that has been set up for The University of Scranton Class of 2001.

Follow these steps:
1. Go to www.shutterfly.com
2. Login with the following information:
Email: scranton2001@gmail.com
Password: goroyals
3. Create an album for your pictures and upload away!