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The Class of 1988 Remembers

Share your memories, enter a fond memory of your student days and we will post it on this site.
Check back here to see memories as they are posted.

Please send all memories to uofs1988@yahoo.com
Please make sure your name is included.

" Freshman Orientation: "We're Glad You're Here"; Orientation games...eat a cracker and whistle...hard to do when laughing." By: Mary Tracchio

Remember-  ".15 cent drafts and .35 cent hotdogs at Pete Bordi's Bar down on Lackawanna Avenue (just past Harding's Cafe). $5 dollars on a Friday night would go a long way, especially when funds were low. Not to mention, it was always a good "primer" for Oscars later in the evening!"  By:  Richard Tracchio

Remember-  ""The Challenge"  We were robbed!!  Those boys didn't REALLY out-drink us, did they??  318 and 409 girls-remember?"  By:  Kate Rothstein

Remember- "Mid-Summer Bash at Penn Brook park.  Enough said!"  By:  Christine Tamashasky Griffin 

 "The Wine Cellar."  By:  Christine Tamashasky Griffin

Remember- "Being inspired by J.J. Quinn"  By: Kelly Mulroy (McDonnell)

Remember- "New Years in November and our Love Boat-themed Halloween Party."  By: Kelly Mulroy

Remember- "Economics class with Dr. Bose and his slippery glasses."  By: Kelly Mulroy

Remember- "Dock Dougherty", the best Poli Sci class ever; easiest "A".  By: Jack Young

Remember- "Late Nights".  By:  Mary Haumacher

Remember- "“If we are going to get a case we might as well get a quarter….well if 
we get a quarter we should just get a half….  Ok lets get two and 
have a party……….. - John Branka ”   By: Christine Griffin

Please note: memories will be posted online and may be edited for length.  Memories will be updated weekly. You can also e-mail alumni@scranton.edu with comments, questions or problems.