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June 2, 1957

                                                ... And at last the long-awaited day

    The Class of 1957 is ready to journey forth from the University of Scranton, its members to take their place in the world...in careers in the medical,legal and educational professions, in business, industry and commerce, in social and govermental services as members of the clergy, in communication arts, and in science and research.

    For four years, the Society of Jesus and lay faculties have prepared us for this commencement under the guidance of the Ratio Studiorum, the Jesuit Code of Liberal Education which has the development of the full man as its objective.

    It is indeed a commencement. One phase of our lives is ended, but a whole new phase is but dawning. We have been prepared for the new phase by a spiritual and cultural foundation and a training in technical fields.

    We are part of the tradition of a growing University of Scranton. It is our duty to enter upon the business of life with confidence and humility, armed with the education we have received. We must become leaders in a troubled world; we must live in such wise as befits the training we have been given.

                                    Windhover- Nineteen Fifty Seven

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